Party Booking Form

BEFORE proceeding, please email us to inquire if your wedding date and site are available. We request that all date checks are received via email. We will respond to your request shortly with date, time and location availability.  Date checks are not able to be done on the phone.

Upon confirmation of availability, please fill out the form below. Your completed form, along with deposit information will be sent back to you for review. We are happy to hold the date and site for up to 60 days from your date of booking with no payments. Payment of your desired sites are due once you are ready to confirm with us. There is no cost to hold the location/s and date.

Appointments are required to see the various locations on Gannon’s property. Due to bustling schedules, walk-ins may not be seen. Susan’s office is off site, she does not work at the restaurant.

Make sure to read our General Information section for details and answers about our location and services. Many fine points are addressed and printable for your convenience. Filling out this form means that you are fully aware of and agree with all of our policies and general information.  All of our menus, pricing and services can be found on our wedding web page. To ensure a seamless and smooth process on your wedding day, we recommend hiring a professional wedding planner.

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